Rings (2017) Trailer #2

As mentioned in my previous article regarding the upcoming movie Rings, the second trailer has dropped and showcases Samara haunting and hurting her victims. Made even creepier by the eerie, almost nursery rhymed narration.

We see Samara do her usual tricks such as making her victim cough up hair and crawl out of the TV screen. But also new things, including appearing out of nowhere to attack or make the skin peel from the palms of the hand.

The added modern twist also ensures that the story stays relevant, as even back when The Ring first came out, VCR was a little redundant so people scared about a cursed video cassette just felt a little meh. So with the trailer teasing the cursed video clip being sent through email freshens the story up quite a bit.

Released Feb 3rd

Rings (2017) Trailer #2

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