Elba & McConaughey Face Off in The Dark Tower Trailer

It’s finally happened.

Yes, the first trailer for the upcoming ‘The Dark Tower’ movie, based off the Stephen King series of the same name, has been released and man does it deliver.  We get our first look at Idris Elba’s portrayal of the last gunslinger, Ronald Deschain and Matthew McConaughhey as Walter, the man in black.

The modern age trailer’s usually flattering to deceive is something I have grown accustomed to lately (yes, I’m looking at you Suicide Squad!) and thankfully this does not seem to give too many details away.  What we do get is some great scenes of Elba’s gunslinger in some potentially epic battle scenes, and what looks like yet another brilliant McConaughey performance as the unsettling man in black.We get an outline of the basic plot, our world and the mid-world are both reliant on the dark tower and our man in black is set out to destroy this,

We get a basic outline of the plot, in which there is two worlds, our world and the mysterious mid-earth, the dark tower protects both of these and it’s up to the gunslinger to protect it to save both worlds. We also meet newcomer Tom Taylor who plays Jake Chambers, the boy who winds up in mid-world to help Deschain protect the dark tower.

I’m excited guys, this looks like a fun epic fantasy filled movie. Let me know what you all think.

Oh and if you catch any of the subtle nods to King’s other work let me know, I won’t spoil it for anyone.



Elba & McConaughey Face Off in The Dark Tower Trailer

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