New ’31’ Trailer Drops

RZ 31 poster

Okay, so I am pretty late to the party on this one but a new trailer has surfaced for Rob Zombies upcoming horror flick ‘31‘.Telling the tale of 5 carnival workers kidnapped and forced to take part in a deadly game called 31 a day before Halloween. Each person must survive playing 31 for 12 hours while being hunted by killer clowns (and if you may have seen my previous opinion piece on clowns and horror movies then it is no surprise that I am super stoked for this.)

This new trailer shows highlights of some brutal murders and close ups of our villains, who all look brilliantly insane and includes a peek at a murderer in a bunny rabbit outfit too (yep!)

This movie has been on my list for a long time and the new trailer shows it too be what I feel will be Zombie’s greatest movie to date, it looks fun, gory and some scares along the way.

Anyway, have a watch of the trailer and let me know what you think.


New ’31’ Trailer Drops

Suicide Squad Trailer #2 Is Live

Now I know this is not horror or anything like that, but I have literally been excited for this movie since it was announced so I wanted to do a quick write up since the second trailer for ‘Suicide Squad’ went online last night.

Personally I really really loved this trailer, and if the full movie has the same mood and feel to it like this trailer does then it will be superb. It looks full of action, great lines and humour. Not to mention Killer Croc looks creepy as hell.

And we got another look at Jared Leto’s Joker. It did not disappoint, now I like many others was unsure when the photo’s of the Joker all tatt’d up came out, but also plays into the whole Jason Todd theory (If you don’t know what I mean by that, have a google and let me know what you think) but after the first trailer I was convinced it would be a great performance, and now this trailer has confirmed it for me, whether it be the Joker esque suit he wears or lying in a circle of weapons it just feels right.Untitled.jpg

Oh and Margot Robbie has got Harley Quinn down to a fucking tee.  Will Smith as Deadshot will be solid and even Cara Delevinge looks impressive as Enchantress.

images (6).jpg
But enough of  going on like a crazy fanboy. Please watch the trailer and let me know what your thoughts are on it.



Suicide Squad Trailer #2 Is Live